The Race Experts

These are the race experts at Peak Performance Ski Shop and

We are skiers (and former ski racers) and equipment experts offering the most accurate and up-to-date race ski information, master boot fitting, expert ski tuning and repair, a high quality rental experience and just plain good advice.

We specialize in Race Skis and Race Gear.

With over 25 years in the ski industry we are known for our knowledge and integrity. We don’t just sell skis, we build quality relationships and trust.

Fred Coriell, Owner, Hardgoods Buyer and Race Ski Expert

Fred CoriellFred is a long-time skier, owner of Peak Performance Ski Shop and one of the race experts at and  Peak Ski Shop is a family run and oriented business that specializes in ski racing with emphasis on integrity, quality relationships and giving back to the community. Fred has over 25 years of experience in the ski industry and in junior ski racing. Through his business and his connections within the ski industry Fred has been involved with research and development of age appropriate skis, boots and training methods for junior racers.

Fred Coriell has served on the Killington Mountain School board of Trustees since 1997. The KMS Board of Trustees is responsible for the philosophical direction of the academy and its programs. Fred’s primary initiative in his work with KMS is in regards to Jr racing development and proper standards of athlete development. For 12 years, Fred also served on the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) board of directors with a focus on junior development.

Fred and his wife Denise have lived in Killington for over 30 years. They learned the ins and outs of ski racing from their three sons, who are home-grown Vermont ski racers. All three of Fred’s sons were alpine ski racers that attended KMS and Middlebury College.  The three boys, Fred Jr, David and Scott, raced in Vermont since their Hopeful days, and advanced through the Vermont alpine racing development system and continued on to Division 1 ski racing at Middlebury College.  FIS, Nor-Am and National Championship top 15 finishes are under their combined belts from races around the world.

Andrew McKenna, Boot Fitter and Race Ski Expert

Andrew McKenna, one of the race experts at and and expert boot fitter at Peak Performance Ski Shop since 1994.

Andrew McKenna is a full-time boot fitter at Peak Performance Ski Shop and one of the race experts at  He has worked for Peak since 1993.  Andrew’s exacting standards and meticulous boot work are revered by ski racers throughout New England.

A former ski racer and Killington Mountain School athlete, Andrew now has two young sons who are in the Pico Ski Club Racing Program.  In his free time you will find him on the slopes enjoying both alpine skiing and telemark skiing, and during other times playing ice hockey, hiking and landscaping.  Andrew coaches our local Killington elementary school children on a weekly basis, and fosters a learning, healthy and exciting outdoor experience for many other young students in the Killington region.

Jeff Olson, Ski Technician and Race Ski Expert

Jeff Olson is a ski technician at Peak Performance and has worked with us since 1993.  His meticulous work is something that he not only takes pride in, but is also famous for throughout New England.  Jeff’s vast encyclopedic knowledge of skis, bindings and parts is known throughout the ski industry.  If there is a binding that has been on the market in the last 20+ years, you can be certain that Jeff has mounted them.

Jeff has two young children, and he spends one day per week on the slopes coaching them along with other Black River Elementary and Middle School students.  In his other spare time, Jeff can be found backcountry skiing near home, free-skiing on the Killington Resort slopes, snowmobiling, and building some of the best looking fences throughout the Woodstock, Killington and Okemo regions.

Mary Camilleri, Ski Sales and Race Softgoods Expert

Mary Camilleri

Mary Camilleri is a full-time sales person and softgoods buyer at Peak Performance Ski Shop.  She has worked year-round for Peak since 2013.  Her knowledge of helmet rules & regulations, goggle technology, speed suits and protective gear and is vast, and her passion is ensuring that the athletes who shop at Peak Performance are outfitted in the gear that works best for them.  Mary also handles our websites.

Having grown up in Northern Michigan, Mary is a former Nordic ski athlete who started seriously pursuing alpine sports, (snowboarding and skiing) in 1997 after moving to the east coast in 1990.  After sampling some great ski resorts around the world, she chose Killington Vermont as home and moved here in 2007 to dive in head first to the alpine lifestyle.  In her spare time Mary skis, snowboards, hikes, snowshoes, and watches wildlife and World Cup skiing.  Her other interests include healthy cooking, yoga, pets, nature, wildlife and medicine.

David Berger, Ski Technician and Race Ski Expert

Dave Berger has worked for Peak Performance since 2007 and is one of our ski technicians and race ski experts.  Dave’s knowledge of alpine racing rules and regulations is extensive, along with his technical knowledge of ski and binding construction.  His passion is ensuring that the athletes we work with are outfitted with the gear that is most appropriate for their age, ability level, and day-to-day terrain.  His expert advice is trusted by many families throughout the US as their athletes develop both physically and technically from year to year.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Dave moved to Killington in 2004 to pursue winter sports full time.  When he’s not skiing at Killington and many other New England resorts, you can also find him enjoying fishing, hiking, camping and trail running.

Will McKay, Ski Technician and Race Ski Expert

Will McKayWill McKay has been with Peak Ski Shop since 2007 and is one of our race experts with day-to-day hands-on experience tuning, mounting and waxing race skis.  Will was a New Jersey ski racer who grew up racing with the Killington Ski Club Development Program and moved to Vermont to pursue his love of skiing and ‘live the dream.’  Will has skied all over the US, Canada, and Europe.  He raced USCSA ECSC MacConnell Division for the Castleton State College Ski Team and did some coaching for the KMS/KSC Development Program.  He now enjoys free skiing as much as he can and Ski Bum Racing on World Cup Wednesdays here at Killington Resort, as well as downhill mountain biking.  If you have a race ski that has been race tuned at Peak Performance Ski Shop, chances are at some point in the process that ski passed through Will’s hands.

Ken Rahing, Alpine Touring and Telemark Ski Expert, Shipping Manager 

Ken Rahing, shipping manager and telemark ski expert at Peak Performance Ski Shop, and Not one of our race experts, but still a very important part of our team.

Ken Rahing is the resident backcountry ski expert and shipping guru at Peak Performance Ski Shop.  If your have a telemark ski or touring question, Ken is our man for you.  Ken has spent years backcountry skiing throughout New England, from the Presidentials in NH including Mount Washington, to the Killington and Stowe areas.  Originally from Connecticut, Ken moved to Vermont in 1998, having worked for Eastern Mountain Sports in Connecticut for 5 years.  In his free time Ken enjoys photography, hiking with his labrador retrievers, Luft and Pinner, working in his garden and backcountry skiing, of course!

David Strousse, Boot Fitter and Race Ski Expert (Retired in 2016)

David Strousse, one of the race experts at and and expert Boot Fitter at Peak Performance Ski Shop since 1991.

David Strousse was a full-time boot fitter at Peak Performance Ski Shop and one of the race experts at and

David has over 30 years of experience in the ski industry and began working at Peak Performance Ski Shop in 1991.  David is a certified Pedorthist, with an office in Woodstock, VT where he currently modifies footwear and employs supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs.  He is trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, and the use of corrective footwear, which he uses to ensure the highest level of boot fit in the industry.

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  1. Hi My son Brendan just finished regionals and is going to states in Marquette Mi. He is 15 6′ 150lbs. He is sking on Volkls (don’t yell but still his juniors skis). He is more of a finesse racer then an aggressive race. He will be at MHSSC June 18 for a week. How can I tell him what skis to demo to get the most out of his time there so I can buy him new ones. He has 2 more years of high school.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your question. This is an excellent one, and we would be happy to help but we need more detail. Please give us a call to discuss your son’s equipment. We would be happy to assist over the phone. You should ask for Fred, Andrew, Jeff or Dave. Thank you!

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