The best ski boot bag

How to choose the best ski boot bag for you.

You try to cram your ski boots and all of your ski gear into one single bag per person to make the daily trekking to the mountain that you do in winter as easy as possible.  Ski boots? check. Extra gloves? check. Helmet and goggles? check. Extra mid-layer/insulator and/or vest? check.  Socks to wear and extra socks? check. And if you or your child are a ski racer, there needs to be room in the bag for a back protector, shin guards, arm guards, maybe an extra goggle and a SL helmet and GS helmet.  By the time you get everything in the boot bag that needs to be hauled to the mountain, no one can even lift it!

The best ski boot bag from Swix for recreational skiers and ski racers alike - the Tri-Pack boot bag.

Backpack style bags are best

There are many ski boot bags out there, some bigger than others, some better than others, but a lot that are really quite similar.  We feel the most practical and viable – and therefore the best ski boot bags are backpack style bags.  They make it easy to carry large volumes of gear and skis at the same time.

When purchasing a ski boot bag sometimes the decision on which bag boils down to the bag with the largest volume, sometimes it’s the print or color, sometimes it’s the pockets and organization, sometimes it’s the price…and sometimes it’s just whatever is left in stock at the time you need one.

Size does matter

More often then not, size is the most important factor when purchasing a ski boot bag.  At Peak Performance Ski Shop, the bags we feel are the best ski boot bags are the: Athalon Everything Boot Bag, Swix Tri-Pack, Lo-Pro Tri-Pack and Tri-Pack Team Bags, Transpack XT1 and XT Pro, the Hot Gear Pro Bag, the Lange Racer Gear Bag and Pro Boot Bag, the Rossignol Hero Athlete Bag and Hero Boot Back Pack,and the Head Racing Backpack. We’ve put together some ski boot bag size information that will help to make your purchasing decision easier.  Here’s how the ski boot bags we carry compare to each other:

Ski boot bag size comparison chart for Peak Ski Shop 09-8-15

There is no single ‘best ski boot bag’.  The best ski boot bag is the boot bag that is of a quality that will hold up to several seasons of abuse, large enough to fit all the gear year want to carry, yet small enough that you (or your child) can still lift it!

Now is the time to buy a ski boot bag, while selection is best.  Check out for the best selection of ski boot bags and buy your boot bag now.

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  1. i have an older Athalon boot bag that has a wheels & handle for easy movement through airport, but most importantly it has hard plastic sides to protect the boots from the baggage handlers. i cannot seem to find another wheeled boot bag that has hard plastic sides. cannot find any bag that does not have soft sides. we have nice boots and do not want them damaged on plane trips.
    any ideas>
    thank you,

    1. Thank you for your question Bill. Current models of boot bags have been vastly improved over the older ones, and are constructed with much more durable fabrics and padding. The need for hard plastic sides has waned in the last few years, and we are comfortable recommending the newer wheeled Athalon, Swix and Transpack bags to our customers who travel frequently.

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